Our Mision

Empower small businesses and unemployed youth – help them dream BIG and chase their dreams with confidence in their abilities.

We would like to create a direct positive impact in the lives of 10,000 families in India.

We work with two separate groups: unemployed youth and small businesses.

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Unemployed Youth

We strongly believe in the India story – together we will cross milestones and create our modern history.

As the country moves forward and claims her rightful place in the global arena, there will be ample opportunities for every Indian.

Opportunities look for the right talent. Raw talent looks out for opportunities.

We want to play a small role in bridging this gap – connecting talent with opportunities.

We will travel across the length and breadth of India and meet local, unemployed youth. We will conduct free training and workshops, both in groups as well as one on one mentoring. Our skill development sessions will enhance the employability of the youth and we will provide them guidance and support to find job opportunities.

Our plan is to reach out to local business organizations and enterprises to facilitate recruitment for beginner level jobs.

Help us connect with local business groups and organizations. We would like to understand their manpower requirements to improve our skill development workshops.

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Small Businesses

Small and medium enterprises are a critical part of our plan and mission. While we work with the youth and teach them basic skills, we need support from the local business community to hire skilled talent.

The growth of small businesses will create new jobs for the local youth.

Hence, we will provide free or pay-what-you-can mentorship to small business owners. We will help them grow their businesses and deploy systems and manpower to manage as well as sustain the growth.

During our travel across India, we will seek cooperation from local business groups to connect with small and medium enterprises.

Help us spread the word. Share our story. Follow our travel plan and updates.